1. Your Mobile RE solution must involve all the listings in your MLS – not just your own.
This fact will determine the usefulness of your Mobile RE Service. kwkly pulls in all the listings in your MLS through an IDX connection. This aggregation of data makes the APP you provide an extremely powerful tool.
2. The system must be simple to use and easy to maintain for your agents.

There is no data entry required from agents and all rider signs are generic. All of your rider signs will say : “ Text : Price To : 59559 ” Test it out. Stop using systems that require a unique code on every yard sign. You will find that agents will eventually stop using these systems as they constantly require attention. In addition, unique riders will occasionally get hung at the wrong property creating confusion.

 * Standard message and data rates may apply

3. How Mobile RE works?

Mobile RE is providing information to homebuyers on properties via their cell phone. This includes accessing information through texting or through GPS. kwkly allows you to send 160 characters of information for each property which may also include a web link to the property online. When a consumer texts the word “Price” to 59559 (called a short code) the consumer will get the following message: “Please reply with the address you would like info on or if you have GPS click this link” The link opens a browser page with their position plotted on a map along with the closest listed properties for sale and for rent. If the consumer has a question on any property the call will always get routed to you even if the listing belongs to another broker. If the listing belongs to one of your agents a lead is sent to them via email or text.

* Standard message and data rates may apply

4. How is this accomplished?

There are different solutions in the market that all do the same thing. Some require unique codes that must be matched up with each property in order for the system to work. With today’s GPS technology becoming more and more ubiquitous, using a different code for every property is not only primitive but cumbersome. A universal code that hangs on every rider : Text: Price To: 59559 makes it easy for agents to maintain and homebuyers to understand. If a homebuyer doesn’t have a smart phone they simple text in the street address of the property (123 Main) to receive the property details.If the user doesn’t know both the street name and the house number they may reply with one or the other – for example “Madison”. The system will then send back all possible choices for the homebuyer to select from. In addition, if the user texts the wrong address we wait 2 minutes and send you a lead regardless – in other words a lead is NEVER lost even if the consumer doesn’t know the address of the property they are looking at.

* Standard message and data rates may apply

5. Checklist for selecting a Mobile RE solution
So, here is your checklist when considering a mobile solution:
1. Does the system use GPS?

2. Does the system have an IDX connection with MLS (so that no data entry is required)?

3. Are you getting leads from your competitor’s signs?

4. Is it easy to maintain (are you using a different code on EVERY sign)?

6. Is this an agent tool as well?
You bet. kwkly’s service is a terrific tool for agents in the field that are separated from their computer. The ability to quickly access information on demand will make your work force more efficient and responsive. Encourage your agents to use the service while driving clients around and you will be sure to demonstrate why your agents are the best.
7. Is this a recruiting tool?
Absolutely. Add kwkly‘s service to all your recruiting materials and show prospective agents that you have the latest lead generation technology in your market. kwkly will also notify you when an agent from another brokerage in your market area has used your service – providing you an opportunity to bring in top agents from other companies.
8. What kind of reporting will I receive?
You will receive weekly reports with the number of inquiries made during the last week, the last month and the total number of inquiries to your account.

You will also have an account at where reports can be pulled per agent or by property. If you have multiple offices kwkly also provides reporting for each office.

9. Can my agents protect current buyers?
Agents may protect buyers they are currently working with, past buyers, and new prospects they meet. All an agent has to do is text the 10 digit phone number to 59559 and they will create an account for themselves with all the phone numbers of prospective buyers. Test it out – text a friend’s phone number to 59559 and follow the instructions you receive. Now whenever that friend uses the system you will get notified as to the property and time they did the inquiry. Agents no longer need to worry about other agents in the company stealing their customers.